You are not stuck in traffic. You are traffic. Break free. Ride a bike.

© Antoine at Bike Friendly North Shore

When we were house shopping, commute time to my work was a very important part of the decision. We were quite adamant about it and had even picked out a neighborhood. Nevertheless, our real estate agent found it difficult to believe. We were shown several houses that were “only 15 minutes farther away” and supposedly cost less. Ultimately, we got our way and paid a little bit more for a shorter commute.

Now as I leave work and turn onto the street riding my bike, I see cars lined up to get on the freeway and I smile to myself because I know that I will be home before they get to the on ramp. I ran across this article the other day written by a fellow Coloradan and found out that not only am I not stuck in traffic, but that living close to work will make me rich too. I feel so vindicated.


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