9 months – the facts

9 months – the facts

1. After months of false sightings and symptoms, Cooper is actually cutting his first tooth.

2. He can sleep for about 10 hours straight, although on lucky nights he gets up and cries for an hour and a half around 3:30am. We have not discovered any pattern to what makes the difference between middle of the night parties and peaceful sleep.

3. Cooper sticks everything in his mouth except his food. Every day I put food on his tray and he’ll push it around, wave it in the air, throw it on the floor, smear it all over his body, and then open his mouth wide and whine for me to put food in it.

4. Gets angry when someone is eating and he isn’t.

5. He likes to jibber jabber and sing. Mamamamamamama! is his favorite phrase.

6. Not a huge fan of his snowsuit. Whenever he gets zipped into it he makes grumpy faces.

7. He can pull himself to a standing position if I offer him my fingers. He can also take a few very wobbly steps while holding on. He’s working on pulling himself up on the furniture, but sometimes little socks on hardwood floors make it a bit tricky.

8. Can sleep through the vacuum, but the blow dryer makes him cry.

9. Also cries at old ladies that wear too much makeup and talk baby talk. Can’t say I blame him.

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  1. I think our boys have some similarities. Isaac often wakes around 3 or 4am, too (and often at 11:30 and 6am as well). Do you do anything, or just let him party solo? (I’m afraid Isaac’s waking partly due to teething, since I can see his top teeth under his gums, so I hate to let him cry if he’s in pain, but once those teeth come through, I will not have such fears…sigh….)

    We have some (laminate) hard wood flooring in our hall and kitchen, too. It’s so slippery that I don’t even like wearing socks (or nylons, especially!) in the house. So my boys have gripper socks, which I think (hope) helps some. I threw out all the non-gripper ones, because they were just frustrating. I’ve learned that Carter’s has gripper socks in toddler sizes for Caleb’s large feet.

    Caleb was not a good eater when we started solids–he’d look at me and clamp his mouth shut when the spoon came near. I don’t remember what really helped, except time and letting him work on feeding himself. But it sounds like Cooper doesn’t care for self-feeding either. For the first year, he still gets his calories and nutrition from nursing (or formula) so food is just something to explore and play with and learn about.

    1. We’ve tried a lot of things (comforting without picking him up, rocking him, giving him a drink of water, letting him cry, etc) with the middle of the night wakings all methods have failed equally. We even wondered if it was night terrors (I had those as a kid, but was older than Cooper) since nothing seemed to make a difference. Right now we’ve been kind of relying on the Ferber method (we’ll calm him down and then when he inevitably starts crying again we’ll check on him in 5, then 10, then 15 minutes and re-calm him). I don’t know that doing this has shortened the amount of time he’s awake, but it helps us be more compassionate and collected than when we held him for the entire duration. I’ve got a couple of pairs of grippy socks, I’ll have to see if they make a difference. I think the funniest thing about Cooper’s attitude towards food is that he loves it, just won’t put it in his own mouth 🙂

  2. I am so jealous of my sister Glenna, she has the cutest grandson! and I’m thankful that you and Noel are such great bloggers.

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