Cooper Sign

Cooper Sign

We’ve casually tried to teach Cooper a couple of baby signs, but it seems he prefers his own. In honor of his eleventh month, here are 11 Cooper signs.

  1. “More food please” – Smack lips repeatedly
  2. “Feed me NOW!” – Cram fist into mouth and gnaw ferociously
  3. “Pick me up please” – Wave arms excitedly, screech if necessary
  4. “I don’t want to wear a diaper” – roll over and crawl away
  5. “I don’t want to be quiet” – Pull binky out of mouth and throw it
  6. “Help me stand up” – Grab fingers of nearest person and pull
  7. “I am so excited” – Kick legs and squeal
  8. “All done” – Pull off bib and drop on floor
  9. “Thirsty” – Lunge for nearest cup
  10. “Not the stroller/carseat/highchair!”  – Arch back to make strapping in impossible
  11. “Can we be friends?” – Make eye contact, smile, and then duck head shyly


5 thoughts on “Cooper Sign

  1. Babies do seem to prefer to talk with their whole bodies. I mean, why limit it to just using their hands? Glad Cooper’s so “communicative.”

  2. So cute! I think whoever created baby signs should have worked with a baby, many of Tayven’s are exactly the same. We only attempted “all done” and “more” but he too prefers to do it his way–only his bib is gone long before his food, and when he’s done he carefully throws all his food on the floor (in hopes of finding it later I think).

  3. Oh my heck that is the funniest thing I’ve read all day! I can see so many of those in Molly. I think I will be using this as a translation guide.

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