Cooper trying to unplug the laptop.

Edit>Undo is the nickname my computer savvy husband has recently given our  mischievous child. It seems an adequate description considering Cooper’s innate ability to undo just about any task.

Cooper strewing scratch paper all over.
Cooper insisting he feed himself, but mostly flinging food everywhere.
Cooper emptying a bottle of Italian spices all over the kitchen floor.

4 thoughts on “Edit>Undo

  1. Cooper is just a chip off of his Dad’s back. It is very hard to realize that this is not my son Noel, same looks, same mischeivous manner. I sure miss Noel as a child. Glenna and I are sure excited to be able to play with Cooper. This looks like a fun and wonderful young boy. It will be great to watch him grow up. This is worth living for.

  2. Yes! I hear you. I had poultry seasoning on my carpet last week (“I don’t think he can get the lid open,” I said to myself as he toddled off with the container…) We have the same “I want to feed myself” attitude. It’s great to see how much they can and want to accomplish on their own, albeit very messy and tedious as well. Isaac was grunting for his sippy cup on the counter. I handed it to him and he screamed at me. So I put it back on the counter and left it right near the edge so that he could reach it if he stretched up. He got it and seemed very satisfied with himself.

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