Temple Visit

Temple Visit

From http://www.ldschurchnews.com/temples/32/Denver-Colorado.html

I don’t even want to talk about how long it’s been since Noel and I have gone to the temple or about all the things that have gone wrong all the times we’ve tried. (You know that idea that when you are about to do something good all the powers of evil will try to prevent you from doing it?) I do, however, want to talk about how yesterday we finally made it.

It was our first visit to the Denver LDS temple and just like all temples it was beautiful, peaceful, and rejuvenating. I always enjoy being able to step away from my life of endless to-do lists and just sit still for a change and think about what is truly important in life.

Also, no offense to the boy, but it was nice to spend some actual time alone with Noel. Cooper had a blast playing with Ava and I don’t think he even noticed we were gone. (I think he might have a crush on Ava; we took them to the park the other day and Ava was holding Cooper’s hand and helping him walk around. It was adorable and I wish I could have captured it with my camera, but alas I’m too slow.)

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