It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Despite what previous posts may have led you to believe about my Christmas spirit, I really do enjoy getting into the season in fun ways. This past week has done a great job of getting us psyched up for the month. We’re hosting Christmas this year so we decided we should get a legitimate Christmas tree (no three foot trees or fake ones rescued out of college dumpsters this year). I know it’s silly to love a plant, especially one that isn’t exactly alive anymore, but every time I walk into our front room and am greeted by the scent of this beauty I can’t help but smile. The tree even looks somewhat designer thanks to the gorgeous hand cross-stitched ornaments my grandma has made for me over the years and the glass balls I scored at Target for 70% off last January.

The best gifts come in large bellies 🙂

Friday night we went to Golden’s annual Candlelight Walk. It’s a fun little tradition the town does where everyone walks down the main street carrying candles and singing carols. Then when everyone arrives at the end (and after a million local dance studios and singing groups perform) they have a big countdown and the mayor flips a switch that officially turns on the town’s Christmas lights.

Cooper and Noel playing in the snow.

Saturday we shoveled snow and put up Christmas lights.  Several of our neighbors really get into decorating (think life size nativities in front yards and a million flashing lights), so our house seems pretty plain in comparison, but we like it.

Our simple lights.

Then to truly get into the spirit of Christmas we watched our church’s Christmas devotional. It’s always good to be reminded that Christmas truly is a celebration of Christ’s birth.

Stockings hung on the piano with care.

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