As of today I am 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant. This is the longest I’ve ever been pregnant.*   It’s nice to be considered full-term, but I’m honestly kind of bummed that the baby hasn’t come. I don’t even feel like ranting about the crazy, insensitive things people said to me at church or joking about how I should come up with a prize to give the thousandth person to ask if I’ve had the baby yet. The energy burst is gone and I’ve run out of natural labor inducers I’m willing to try. I guess I just need to learn the hardest lesson of all: sometimes I am not in control and I just have to wait.


*I know some of you are thinking “Oh, you think that’s a long time, well I was pregnant for 45 weeks before my child was born” and you’re right, that is a long time and that would be hard, but for me this is hard.

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  1. I got really anxious the last few days so I can only imagine how ready and anxious you are since Cooper came so early. If only the last month of pregnancy went as fast as the months after. Tell her that her little boyfriend can’t wait to see her picture 😉

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