Goodbye February

Goodbye February

Although it went against the intuition of all our family members and defied a few laws of physics (most specifically gravity), February was NOT baby month. Even with the extra day, we just couldn’t pull it off. However, March is a more pleasant month in my opinion (take no offense Groundhog Day) so I guess I’m not that put out (I mean, you know, other than being super uncomfortable) that this baby will be born in March.

Even though February is technically the shortest month, this year it has been excruciatingly long at our house.  Despite the growing anxiety and the periodic meltdowns, there have been many “tender mercies” that have really helped me not feel so dismal and alone. Loving phone calls from my parents who knew exactly what to say to make me laugh, an offer to throw a baby shower from a new friend at church, countless prayers from family and friends, a vibrant bouquet from my sis-in-law to brighten my spirits, a comforting Priesthood blessing from my ever patient husband, and many other small gestures have really made a difference for me these last couple of weeks. Nine more days till that menacing due date. We’ll keep you posted.


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  1. I’m glad there have been some nice things for you to enjoy. St. Patrick’s Day isn’t as cool as Groundhog’s Day but I like March more myself. Plus some pretty cool people have March birthdays: Nathaniel H., Kris S., and LE 🙂

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