Upcycled Swag Bags

Upcycled Swag Bags

I love free stuff, I think we all do. If you’re like us, you love it so much that you often aren’t discerning about what that stuff is and you find yourself pushing people out of your way to catch fleece ponchos at basketball games or visiting every table at an expo just to make sure you don’t miss something good. In the heat of it swag seems awesome, but once at home you realize that much of it is just crap or stuff you don’t really need. Then it either gets thrown away or stuffed into a box somewhere in your storage room. Well, today I rescued some of that discarded swag and turned it into something useful.

Name blurred because the destruction of the bag has nothing to do with the company and I was too lazy to take another photo of the other side 🙂

I took this nylon bag Noel got from a job fair back in college, paired it with some leftover fabric from my stash, and made an eco travel lid that can be used instead of saran wrap.

Eco Travel Lid in Action

Then I took a bag I got at the hospital when I had Cooper (full of some brand of formula we gave away).

Cute bag, just never had a use for it.

Cut it up, loosely followed a tutorial on reusable snack bags, and voila five beautiful reusable snack bags all for the low cost of free.

Cooper stealing my props
Ellen supervising the photo shoot.

Now we can eat on the go in eco-fab style.

5 thoughts on “Upcycled Swag Bags

  1. Awesome! I have that same green bag, and I’ve never used it either. Once I get bag in my project mode I’ll have to try it out.

  2. Awesome job! I got that same bag with Tay, but i just gave it to DI! Next time i’m going to steal your idea!

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