Pro Cycling Challenge

Pro Cycling Challenge

This is the second year Colorado has hosted the USA Pro Cycling Challenge (and that it’s existed), but we missed out last year because the race went through town at the same time as church. This year the race was rerouted in our favor with the sixth stage starting in Golden on Saturday. We knew parking would be crazy, so we decided to ride our bikes into Golden; it only seemed fitting.

It was a busy day on the bike path for all us amateur cyclists. We like to think we were the fastest people hauling a trailer.

Golden’s main street was packed and full of energy. We’re sad to report that many of the spectators were kind of competitive about their positioning and were not interested in making it any easier for us to see. One guy even squeezed himself in front of us after we’d established a position making it so I couldn’t see at all. I bit my tongue and of course am not at all bitter. Thanks to Noel’s height and my climbing skills, we were both able to see the race and still be kind.

Even though the cyclists passed through town three times, we really only saw them for a total of 15 seconds. It was an exciting 15 seconds though. After the cyclists headed off to Boulder, we went to the Farmer’s Market and checked out the bike expo. As exciting as the race was, the best part of the day really was being out on our bikes as a family. We liked it so much we’ve decided we should ride our bikes to the Market every week and are kicking ourselves for not trying it sooner.  I’m sure the Pros would feel proud to know they’ve inspired us 🙂

PS Another bike event we attended that wasn’t quite as professional.

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