Dear Christmas Creep,

Dear Christmas Creep,

The Christmas Creep

I went to the store yesterday in search of some silly, but festive prizes for our church Turkey Trot and after combing the entire store I only found a tiny selection of paper plates and cheap turkey centerpieces tucked away in a random corner. However, the WHOLE store was decked out for Christmas and all prepped for their “Black Friday” sales. (Technically, the sale now starts Thanksgiving evening, but I guess they thought we wouldn’t recognize this as a threat to annihilate Thanksgiving if it was still referred to as a “Friday” event.) We all know that I can be a bit of a grinch when it comes to some Christmas topics, but I don’t think  I’m being irrational here. Could you just back off and give us some space to eat delicious food and reflect on how blessed we are for for just a second before we focus on all the things we don’t have? If  I could just eat my pie in peace, I would be ever so grateful.

PS A funny way to fight the Christmas Creep.

2 thoughts on “Dear Christmas Creep,

  1. As far as Christmas is concerned, and at this time of the year, I am really beginning to agree with you. Everything has a season, and Christmas should begin on the 24th. Although I do like the Christmas Carols. I believe there are way too many parties and not enough good will. Families can be forever threatened if our culture continues to emphasize commerce over charity and heart filled love for the Savior. But the fact is that the Turkey has got to die.

  2. I totally agree. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and seems to be left on the wayside due to Christmas. I too can be a big of a grinch at Christmas time. It’s a hard holiday for me to get real excited about.

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