Changing the World

Changing the World

Maybe it’s because I live in Colorado, but I’m lucky to have several friends that share many of my strange hippie tendencies. A week or so ago, one of these friends sent out an email alerting a few of us to a really awesome event happening on April 20th. Um, no, not that 4/20 event. I’m talking about the Great Cloth Diaper Change of course!     1-IMG_0804Normally, we are the kind of people that hate crowds or waiting in lines, but everyone has something they’re willing to brave the crowds for and apparently our weakness is free cloth diapers. Strange? Maybe. We also figured since everyone attending would have kids even if we showed up marginally on time we’d beat 75% of the other attendees.

Serin and Emilie checking out our loot.

Once we got checked in and received our swag bags, we found a place to sit in the midst of the sea of baby wraps and exposed breasts (really kicking myself for not bringing business cards) and rifled through our bags like it was Christmas morning.

4-IMG_0827If anyone thought it was ridiculous how excited we were about our freebies, they obviously have never had good nursing pads. The free jellystone necklace I got even matched the earrings I was wearing.

2-IMG_0819The kids fought over snacks and we watched the MC (a grown man) change himself into the largest cloth diaper I’ve ever seen. I’m still not sure if the fact that he wore it over his jeans made it more or less weird. Nobody left at that point, but maybe that’s because they hadn’t done the raffle yet. For the main event, we all laid our kids on the gym floor, simultaneously  changed them into their brand new Rumparooz diapers (I don’t think they could be accused of shameless product promotion, do you?), and then held them up Simba-style for the cameras.  After those three exhilarating minutes were over, we all packed up our stuff and headed home so the events staff could clean up for the wedding that was scheduled for a few hours later.

I loaned Miss Ellen to Serin since her youngest is out of diapers.

Ironically, the event was only half a mile from all of the pot celebrations, but we resisted checking it out after we were done even though it’s totally legal here now.

2 thoughts on “Changing the World

  1. If you did go to the Pot Celebration you probably wouldn’t of remembered it anyway. The Celebration that you did go to was good for a change, cloth change that is. The real deal.

  2. Love it. I just googled it, and I’m surprised there wasn’t one held in Seattle (of course, then I would have been bummed, no pun intended, that I missed it). The nearest one was 25 miles south, which isn’t that far, but considering Seattle has outlawed plastic grocery bags, it seems they’d promote reusable diapers, too.

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