Miss Ellen Turns Two

Miss Ellen Turns Two

It’s a little strange to have Ellen turn two. We officially don’t have any babies in our house and we’ll no longer be counting anyone’s age in months. Ellen is feisty and opinionated, but also undeniably lovable. She adores Cooper and they are already quite the dynamic duo. He keeps her in line and she helps him be more outgoing.

This year, she was savvy enough to get excited whenever we told her she was going to have a birthday soon, which made it more exciting for Noel and me. We spent a lot of late nights working on a play kitchen and I saved a bunch of the decorations from a church activity I’d helped put on earlier that week so we were able to fill the front room with a lot of balloons.


Ellen of course took great joy in opening her “PRESENTS!” since she was allowed, encouraged even, to destroy something.

The kitchen was a big hit with both of the kids.
The kitchen was a big hit with both of the kids.

Ellen enjoyed a fun morning with Cooper away at preschool. She got to play with her new toys without interference from her big brother and then she got to go shoe shopping which is every girl’s dream. Good birthday karma was in the air since we were able to find the only two pairs of clearance shoes in her size: a pair of tennis shoes that met my requirements and sparkly dress shoes that met hers.

She accumulated more presents throughout the day thanks to various mail delivery services and took great excitement in opening every gift, even the clothes.

Birthday Dinner

For dinner, we had pepperoni pizza and Jone’s soda. The soda cans even had pictures of a Golden Retriever, which absolutely delighted Ellen.

Birthday Cake

We’d asked Ellen whether she wanted a berry cake (my preference) or a chocolate cake (Noel’s preference) a few days earlier and she didn’t deliberate at all before squealing, “chocolate cake!” I narrowed the chocolate cake choice down to three cakes and then we showed her the three pictures side by side on the computer and asked her which one she wanted. She repeatedly chose Double Chocolate Layer Cake with Raspberry Filling. With a few adjustments for altitude and coffee avoidance (even if we were coffee people I cannot imagine the effect it would have on Ellen . . . ) the rich dessert was made.

Birthday Candles

She didn’t quite get the blowing out the candles thing, even when Cooper demonstrated (unasked I might add) three times how to do it.

She was quite skilled at eating it however.

After a much needed bath she thought she was entitled to a night in our bed and tucked herself and her favorite stuffed animals in.

We indulged her for a little bit, but eventually made her sleep in her crib (which she miraculously has not even tried to climb out of yet).

Happy Birthday Miss Ellen! We’re so happy for (most of) the spice you add to our lives!

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  1. Happy Birthday Ellen! I love her cute pigtails. And wow, good work on the kitchen (and chocolate cake too)! They both look amazing.

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