End of School, Beginning of Summer

End of School, Beginning of Summer

I  was mostly excited for school to end. I’ll miss the few hours of freedom I get during the school year, but I love the lazy, low-key lifestyle of summer. I love not having to rush my kids out the door every morning or having to remember what assortment of things I need to pack for them that day. I love the absence of homework and how low pressure our activities are. Most of all, I love warm weather and vacations. Summer is good for my soul.

This was May 18th.

The weather this May definitely made me pine for summer weather. We had a few snowstorms and a destructive hailstorm. (Pretty much everyone is getting a new roof. Every day it’s just a symphony of hammering and nail guns.)

Now that it’s June I’m hoping Mother Nature has gotten all her winter storm warnings out of her system.

Before school ended, Cooper had his field day where he proudly took first place in the shoe kick, rubber chicken throw, and the balloon toss. (I cannot wait until those become official olympic events.)

Ellen also had her preschool graduation kinder bound recognition ceremony two days before school ended, which was sort of confusing to everyone. She woke up the next day and was disappointed that she had to go to preschool again not kindergarten. In spite of all the fun I had snickering at the decor (“Leaving Shadows of Preschool Behind” just seemed a little dark) and making fun of the fact that the preschool didn’t get the math right on what year the kids will be graduating from high school, my cynical heart still turned to cornmeal mush realizing my baby’s pre-k days are done.

On the last day of school, Cooper’s school does an exit parade. He led out the newest crop of 2nd graders. It’s silly, but I was so proud to see him confidently leading his class with that beach ball. He’s grown so much this last year.

To start summer off right, we went on a mini backpacking trip. The kids were in really good spirits on our hike to our campsite. They were racing along and I, with my bum ankle, was definitely the weakest link. We spent a lovely night away enjoying tinfoil dinners and almond stuffed campfire peaches. We hiked back the next day in a light drizzle and after cleaning ourselves up headed out to do some “errands.”

I’d gotten wind that a Cars 3 tour would be coming through Denver in anticipation of the upcoming movie. 75% of Cooper’s conversations revolve around the new movie, so we had to take him. We didn’t tell him where we were going though because we knew it would be devastating if we didn’t actually make it. When we walked into the parking lot and he saw the Cars logo on a Mack trailer he got a huge grin on his face. It was raining, but there was still a line of diehard fans with their parents. Just after we were let in, the rain started to come down in sheets and shortly thereafter there was lightning (the natural phenomenon not the car). We were allowed to speed through and take some pictures before they shut the event down. Cooper was so thrilled you would have thought everything went perfectly though. So far, summer has been pretty amazing and I think the kids would agree.

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