A Trip to Utah in Photos

A Trip to Utah in Photos

Well, mostly photos. We all know I’m going to narrate, but I’ll keep it to a minimum. We spent almost half of June in Utah this year because it was a BIG month for my family and I didn’t want to miss any of it. My youngest brother, Mitchell, returned from a 2-year church service mission in Belgium and the Netherlands; my sister, Hope, blessed her new baby, Theo, in our church; and my other brother, Spencer, got married. I am clearly the boring one in the family right now, which is totally fine by me. The trip was almost like a  lifetime in itself, so I’ll just give you the cliff notes version.

Day 1 – Drive to Utah

Our lunch on the road.

We stopped at an Ace hardware in Laramie to get some duct tape to fix an unbearable noise our roof rack was making. The bathroom was interesting, but I suppose an excellent use of space.

Day 2 – Mitchell Returns

The second my sister walked into the SLC airport I snatched up baby Theo.

My brother Mitchell coming out from customs at the Salt Lake International Airport.

Day 3 – Porter’s Birthday

I’m not one of those women that goes gah-gah over babies, but I make exceptions for ones I’m related to.

Cooper was more than a little excited to see Cars 3 in theater the day it came out.

It was also Porter’s third birthday. He kindly shared his cake.

Day 4 – Baby Blessing

We went on an overnight camping trip with Chris and Joy and the next day they took the kids fishing.

Uncle Chris helping Cooper bait his hook.

That evening, my brother-in-law blessed baby Theo and the Walkers (Hope and Joe) threw a party.

Day 5 Father’s Day

We spent the morning going to church with my grandpa Mcconkie and went to the cemetery in the afternoon to see my grandpa Olsen’s headstone.

Day 6 – Helping Out Family

In the morning, I watched Hope’s kids while she went to an appointment.

We did yard work for my grandma Olsen in the afternoon. When we went to leave, we got to visit with Percy the peacock. Cooper has come a long way in his peacock fear.

Day 7 – Wedding Prep

Cooper raced around in Spencer’s old car while I helped with yard work and other wedding prep.

Day 8 – Wedding Prep

We did Costco reconnaissance and other wedding prep.

Day 9 – Wedding Prep and a Concert

The kids played with their cousins while we did miscellaneous wedding prep. Cooper was so sweet with Theo.

That evening, Noel and I snuck away to a Shins concert while my parents had a sleepover with the kids. (My parents have season tickets to Ogden Twilight. The week before we arrived, they saw OK Go for $5 each!!! I may be slightly jealous.)  So nice to have an evening away.

Day 10 – Wedding Prep

The last day of wedding prep. The kids were so worn out, Ellen fell asleep in my arms at a Panda Express. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

Day 11 – Wedding Day

Me and my siblings with our new sister-in-law, Sarah in front of the Brigham City LDS temple. Joe and Noel aren’t pictured because they were helping my grandma who almost passed out instead of messing around like the rest of us.

This was the 2nd time in four years all of us siblings were together and I had to take a picture. (The last time was two years ago when Spencer was just returning from a mission and Mitchell was just leaving.) The temple is such a great place for these type of reunions.

Sarah and Spencer checking on Grandma Olsen. Sarah has a kind heart.

Ellen and Sarah. Ellen is infatuated with her. (Photo by my mom.)

My mom was finally able to take it easy after the luncheon got underway.

All of us dancing like goons at the reception. (Photo by my mom.)

Day 12 – Mitchell’s Homecoming

Ellen holding Theo at Mitchell’s homecoming party.

Grandpa Wayne giving the kids goodbye tickles. Cooper cried for a half hour after his cousin Porter left.

Day 13 – Drive Home

A long day of driving that sparked creativity such as this.


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