4th of July Camping Trip

4th of July Camping Trip

We decided kind of last minute that we wanted to take a long weekend and go camping. We knew it would be a popular time to go camping and were surprised when we found a campsite that was still available to reserve, so it seemed meant to be. (It turned out there was actually a computer glitch that had left a campsite open, but the camp host just reserved a typically non-reservable site for us.)

We went hiking and decided we need to go on longer hikes in the future, but only if I can temper my competitive inclination and lower my expectations on speed. (Who knew taking it easy could be so hard?)

We ate lots of  delicious food dutch oven food. (Details on the food blog.)

We also played in the “lake.” (It’s a reservoir, not a natural lake.)

On our way home, we caught a parade in Granby.

At home, we grilled and made homemade ice cream. (Burnt almond fudge ice cream recipe here.)

We finished off the evening with fireworks. We took a hiatus from fireworks last year and the kids were so much less scared this year. Cooper spent the entire show narrating his reactions. “Wow! That was a big one.” “Cool, that one had lots of colors.”

The trip wasn’t perfect. There were moments when everything seemed so right as we looked at the stars with the kids and had deep conversations with them, but there were also moments when more than one person wanted to strangle another person when hiking got dramatic. Overall, it was a nice relaxing getaway and we’re glad we were able to enjoy a beautiful part of this country.




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  1. Sounds like a fun holiday! You got it all in: fireworks, parade, and camping. We have missed the parade the past several years (our car broke down last year and other years our plans have not been conducive). And my kids still fall asleep before the fireworks start!

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