November 2017

November 2017

Our kids are spoiled and get an entire week off school for Thanksgiving. I started to make plans for this ahead of time and reserved some free tickets through the library to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We invited a few friends and made a morning of it.

Thanksgiving day was unseasonably warm (almost a record high). I sported sandals most of the day.

It was just our family for Thanksgiving so we kept it small, but delicious.

We still made two pies though.

On Black Friday we went on a hike to #optoutside. The kids had a blast climbing rocks and we almost had a hard time keeping up. They’ve come such a long way over the last few years

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we also put in a range hood. Our kitchen previously had a really old fan that kicked the bucket a few years ago. It was so old we couldn’t buy replacement parts. We removed it with plans to replace it soon, but it kept getting pushed for other things so the hole in the ceiling remained for a few years. Every time the house got smoky we’d just open a door and turn on the whole house fan, even in the dead of winter.

This year we finally made it happen and it’s so nice and shiny!

The next week was my birthday. Historically, I’ve kind of had a bad attitude about my birthday and I was determined to not be such a baby this year. I took the opportunity to be a little selfish and do my own version of treat yo self.

Noel and the kids also treated me well.

We finished off the day with a peanut butter cup cheesecake.

The last day of November, I officially started a new job at our local rec center. After last year’s long-term sub job and everything that happened with Glenna I felt kind of adrift about my professional ambitions. I enjoyed teaching aerobics during my student teaching and have thought on an off over the years about working at a gym. Over a year ago, I even applied for a job, but no one seemed to think my PE license was adequate for their purposes. After a lot of pondering on the subject I decided to move forward with getting my license. The day after I passed my exam I applied for a job at the Golden Community Center and on the last day of November I taught my first class. It will be a super part-time job that will probably just cover the cost of my exercise clothing obsession, but that’s really all I’m interested in right now.

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