March 2018

March 2018

March is always an exciting and busy month at our house: birthdays, anniversaries, pi(e) day, spring break. This March was especially busy (in good ways). Here’s a recap of all the non-spring break adventures. (I’ll write about those in a separate post.)

At the beginning of the month, we visited some good friends of ours that recently moved to Loveland. We spent the whole day chatting and letting the kids play. It’s so nice when you come across a friend that just gets you, it’s a special bonus when your husbands feel the same way about each other, and it’s pretty much a miracle when you can also tolerate each other’s children. The Lewises are like that for us. None of us are really good picture takers, but I did catch this one of the kids throwing rocks into a reservoir.

Cooper started taking piano lessons from a friend from church. He was very excited to learn the piano, but his enthusiasm wavers sometimes when he has to practice. I told him he has to persevere until he’s done with his current piano books and am hoping he’ll learn to love it.

I’m a room parent for Ellen’s class. Most of the time that means I send out emails and help at class parties, but it also means I’m in charge of putting together a basket that gets auctioned off at the annual fundraising gala. (Yes, our school is fancy like that.) I kind of felt like I was the least qualified person to do this since I’ve never even attended the gala (I’m more of a donate my time than money person, plus I hear everyone gets pretty drunk . . . ), but I think it turned out alright. We were assigned a Lego theme and parents donated close to $400 worth of items. I tried not too think too much about the opulence of every grade contributing similar baskets and instead focus on everyone’s generosity.

The first big event of the month, was Ellen’s birthday. Ellen is 6 going on 16. She’s a sassy know-it-all, but is incredibly tenderhearted. She’s been dying to turn 6 so she could take a rock climbing class. There was a class that started two days before her birthday, but the computer system didn’t count that as close enough. Fortunately, it’s at the gym where I work, so I was able to talk to someone and they bypassed the system. Despite her enthusiasm and the way she often lives her life with reckless abandon, she was actually quite timid in the class. That’s Ellen, though, always refusing to be predictable. More pictures and fun facts about this free spirit below.

The second big event in March was our 11 year anniversary. In the morning, we checked out a bakery we’d recently learned about. We bought some incredible bread and pastries that made me realize my baking skills are still lacking. In the evening, we went to dinner and visited one of our church’s temples. I won’t go into any sappy details, but even though I was young and naive when I got married, it’s still one of the best decisions I’ve made.

We of course celebrated pi(e) day. We made a delicious blueberry pi(e) and unsuccessfully tried to explain mathematical principles to our children.

We had a few snowstorms this March, but honestly it has been so mild compared to usual. The part of me that recognizes the danger of low snow pack realizes this is a problem, but the part of me that hates snow loves it. Signs of spring began popping up early in the month and had us dreaming about our garden

Ellen has been working on her bike riding skills. We really thought she’d take off when Cooper learned to ride his bike, but with all things, there is no reasonable way to push her. She can ride her bike when she’s really focused, but often gets distracted and swerves off course. She still puts her feet on the ground a lot, but we’ll get there. (Although according to her, she already knows how to ride her bike and doesn’t need to practice. She says the same thing about swimming and regularly requires assistance for near drowning episodes.)

Cooper also took a rock climbing class. He was surprisingly unafraid. He needed quite a bit of coaxing to get to the top of the wall, but he did it!

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