Cooper’s Baptism

Cooper’s Baptism

I’ll do a post all about May next month, but I felt like Cooper’s baptism deserved a post of its own. Our local church is trying to only have baptisms once a month on the first Saturday. It just so happened that Cooper’s birthday was that day, so he was lucky enough to get baptized on his birthday.

When my parents visited in April, my mom took some pictures of Cooper in his suit. We used the pictures for the evite and also were able to enjoy the baptism day more since we weren’t trying to get the perfect photo. Cooper was very excited to get baptized. Noel took Cooper to another boy’s baptism a month prior so he would now what to expect and not be nervous. Cooper’s main concern was that the program would be too long and boring.

He chose his Aunt Danielle to speak about baptism. She delivered a not-at-all-boring talk complete with cotton candy metaphor. Noel had the honor of baptizing Cooper. His grandpas served as witnesses.

Then his Uncle Spencer talked about the Holy Ghost. After that, Noel gave Cooper the Gift of the Holy Ghost, assisted by Cooper’s grandpas, most of his uncles, our current bishop, and former bishop. After some closing remarks from the bishop, we sang “When I am Baptized.” Cooper belted out the words to the song and Noel and I both were rendered teary eyed.

After the closing prayer, Cooper proudly announced that the baptism had taken less than an hour. The love for Cooper was very apparent. All his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins made the trek (mostly from Utah, but also New Jersey and Alaska) to show their love and support. His piano teacher played the piano and his Colorado Grandma, Pam, (I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know I call her that)led the music. He also had friends, neighbors, and other ward members come as well.

We sure love this kid and are so glad he wanted to get baptized.


4 thoughts on “Cooper’s Baptism

  1. This post makes me so happy. I use Cooper as a kind of guide for what to expect as Derrick gets older. So I’m happy that Cooper decided to be baptized at 8. And I laughed out loud at his worry that the program would be too boring. I think that’s what the twins are worrying about with their baptism.

  2. Oh so handsome Cooper! Audrey your Mom took such a great picture of him in his suit. I love the one of Noel and Cooper in their whites! What a wonderful birthday and baptism. Miss you all.

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