May 2018

May 2018

I mentioned in my post about April that Noel was gone for about 1/3 of the month for work. He flew back very late on the 2nd of May and on the 3rd of May we each chaperoned a field trip. Noel went on the shorter field trip with Cooper to a local historic park. Unfortunately it was pouring rain that morning so the field trip was quite soggy, but the kids seemed to have fun anyway. I went with Ellen’s class to the museum of nature and science.

The next day, all of our family arrived for Cooper’s baptism. That day was also Theo, my nephew’s birthday. We had a pizza party and cake. My kids LOVE their cousins and were so happy to celebrate Theo’s birthday.

Saturday was Cooper’s baptism. The baptism was simple, but special. It was so great to have all the family come to see this special event in his life – the love for Cooper was apparent. Afterwards we had a nacho bar with cake and a piñata at our house. The weather had thankfully gotten all the rain out of its system and it was a gorgeous day.

After a weekend of cousins and wrestling uncles, most of our family packed up and headed home. I’m still grateful they all made the sacrifice to come. My brother Spencer and his wife Sarah stuck around a few more days. They watched the kids one night so Noel and I could go to a rock climbing class we’d bought a Groupon for.

Noel’s a bit afraid of heights, so this was all about him facing his fears. It was also fun to learn a new skill. We probably won’t make much of a habit of it since it’s an expensive hobby and it’s not like we have tons of free time, but it was an enjoyable evening. Even Noel agreed that if the opportunity came up he’d try it again.

Cooper had his field day that Friday. It was a fun day until everything got shut down due to a mountain lion sighting a mile away.

That night, Cooper and Noel went on a Father and Son’s camp out. The place where they camped had a small lake and a zipline. Cooper was in heaven. I don’t have any pictures, but Ellen and I had a girls’ night where we watched a princess movie and painted our nails.

For Mother’s Day, Noel made me a delicious breakfast of hasbrowns and eggs benedict. I’d made the morning buns for a teacher appreciation gift. Somehow they made way more than the recipe indicated, but we were not at all sad. We also bought a grill as a mutual appreciation gift for mother and father’s day.

The next Friday was Ellen’s kindergarten fun day which is the kindergarten version of field day. It’s a little more fun than field day since it’s more interactive for parents.

Our wagon of goodies for all the teachers and staff at the end of the school year.

School here ends before Memorial Day. Here are the kids on the last day school.

Ellen had her kindergarten graduation that day.

It was of course a tear jerker. They did a slideshow where they asked all the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up. Ellen said she wanted to be just like her mom which drew a collective “aah” from the crowd of parents.

Ellen absolutely loved kindergarten and had an amazing teacher.

Cooper participated in the end of school parade the school does every year. At the beginning of the year all the parents watch the kids go in class by class and at the end we watch them come out. It’s kind of a fun tradition.

Cooper had a pretty good 2nd grade year. His teacher did a really good job with him and was a really good listener whenever I had concerns. (Side note: Because of the efforts of my friend and me next year 2nd grade will be incorporating a second recess into their schedule. Now we crusade for 3rd and 4th.)

Over Memorial Day weekend, we met up with a few families from church to camp in Rocky Mountain National Park.

We had a great time hanging out with the other families, but none of them wanted to join us on our hare brained idea to hike 9 miles . . . that may have been a smart decision on their part. About a mile into the hike we encountered snow. We thought it would be a short lived on and off thing, but it ended up being a several miles experience that occasionally made the narrow trails a bit dangerous. The kids were troopers considering the difficulty, but we’re thinking we need to take them on some easier hikes so they don’t come to hate hiking.

Despite the sunburns and being overtired, it was a great way to kick off summer.


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  1. Such great pictures, especially of Ellen and graduation, Audrey climbing, Cooper running, all pics are so great. Ellen will be such a cool 1st grader and Cooper a grown up 3rd grader soon! Love you all so much

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