August 2018

August 2018

August started with our big trip to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. The following week we had all our back to school activities and school started on Thursday.

Cooper has the same teacher he had last year (she moved up to 3rd grade) and Ellen has the same 1st grade teacher Cooper did. It’s nice to already know these teachers and know what to expect. Cooper’s favorite thing about 3rd grade is every kid gets a chrome book that they use at school and home for assignments. Ellen is loving going full day, although I don’t always enjoy the side effects of it (irritability, tiredness, homework, etc). Everyone always asks what I’m doing with all my free time. So far, I’m teaching 5-7 fitness classes a week and just started personal training. We’ve also been getting 40lbs of fruit every other week so I’ve been doing a lot of canning. I’ve got a lot of self-directed projects and am quite involved at the kids’ school. Trust me, I stay busy.

I cut my hair in August. This might be the last time I donate it. I was reading that more and more people are preferring synthetic wigs because they’re not as hot and are easier to care for. Many programs, like Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, are even phasing out. It’s always an adjustment for me when I chop my hair, but I think I’m coming around to it.

The kids were invited to a birthday party with an animal rescue theme. At the party, I Audrey Merket self-diagnosed Ophidiophobiac, touched a python. It was a big deal.

In August, we discovered the poky bushes outside of the church are blackberry bushes. We harvested a bunch and turned some of them into a blackberry cobbler.

My love for my electric bike exploded in August. I rode it everywhere: work, the grocery store, the kids school, even a ward party (which was actually sort of disastrous for the cookies I made . . .)

The school does testing over two days in the spring and fall, but they only have to go one of the days. On their day off, we had the kids hike their first 14er. (Technically they’ve both done Bierstadt, but they were carried then.) We woke up at 4am to hike Mount Democrat. You have to get out early because you want to be off the peak by the time afternoon thunderstorms roll in. We had lofty dreams of doing 2-3 other 14ers in the area, but after 1/2 a vertical mile of crying we decided one was good. (It was still a 4.5 mile hike and a tough one at that.)

We made sure to bring our Which Wich bags and take a picture so we could have free sandwiches for lunch. The kids were pretty excited about that. Let’s be honest, Noel and I were pretty excited too.

On the last Sunday, Noel and I were awakened from a nap by Ellen choking. We ran into her room and found she had swallowed a quarter. She’d been playing with Cooper’s piggy bank. When he caught her, she tried to hide the evidence. Boy did she hide it well. Our nurse hotline recommended we take her to urgent care for an x-ray to make sure she hadn’t aspirated the quarter. The quarter was following a “normal” path so they told us to keep an eye on her stool and check with our doctor later the next week. The saga of the quarter will continue in my September post, but here are a few other pics from August.


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