October 2018

October 2018

In October we:

Got flu shots.

Ellen put on a cat fashion show. (It gives a whole different meaning to the cat walk 😉 )

Cooper designed lightsabers.

I volunteered to take over the school garden and am currently “in training.” I’ve gotten myself so involved with all things health related at the school that the PTA made up a position for me and I now can impressively tell people I’m the “Officer of Wellness.” (For the record, I never introduce myself to anyone like that.)

Noel and I have been trying to up our running mileage to see if we can accomplish this crazy goal of running an ultra race. Some days it seems doable, but most days it seems laughable.

Ellen has been struggling with reading, so we’re trying to make it a focus. I made this sight word Candyland to try and make it fun.

We went to a new Pumpkin Patch this year for the kids’ “Fall Break.” (This amounts to a Friday off of school.) We’ve typically gone to a small pumpkin patch, but tried the Chatfield Farms one this year. It was super busy because the whole district was off school and because they cancelled the last day of their three-day festival due to the forecast of a snowstorm.

The kids got their faces painted, played carnival games, and went through the free corn maze. (There was one you could pay to go into too that was much more elaborate.) We also waited in line for AN HOUR for balloon animals. It was akin to torture, but I felt worse for the balloon guy. He was an artist that took pride in his craft and made very elaborate creations. (I would have just given the option of snake or sword.) I imagine his fingers were cripplingly exhausted by the end of the day.

We also found time to work on some house projects.

We got 80lbs of apples from our CSA this fall. We sauced, dried, and pied them. Towards the end, we were actually getting sick of Honeycrisps. Featured is a caramel apple cheesecake.

The kids enjoyed the fall leaves. They even helped rake them all up. (There may have been some threatening about taking away all of their Halloween candy . . .)

We traveled to Utah for my youngest brother’s wedding. It was a quick trip, but I’m glad we could be there for the special day.

The kids were most excited to see their cousins and got some good Porter and Theo time in. Ellen had the privilege of being the flower girl and carrying Odyssey’s train at the ring ceremony they did for family that couldn’t be at the temple wedding. We partied until late and learned much about Mexican celebrations. (Video of one of the celebratory dances can be viewed here.)

Before leaving the state, we made a quick trip to our Alma Mater to show the kids around. Cooper was very pleased to see the place of his nativity. He kept telling Ellen, “I was born here.” (For the record, he was born at the hospital in Logan, not on the campus of USU.)

It was a fun little trip down memory lane.

We sent our ballots in early and voted on important things, such as ending slavery in Colorado. (It’s overridden by the 13th amendment, but I suppose it’s about time we made it official in the state constitution.) There were a lot of other important things we voted for as well. Make sure you vote too!

The Saturday before Halloween, we had two Halloween parties in a row. The kids had a friends’ party and then we had our church party and trunk or treat. The next day (not pictured) was our ward Primary program. Once a year, the kids put on a program and it is everyone’s favorite Sunday. I recently rejoined Primary as the secretary and was touched by the kids’ faith and hard work. Both of our kids read their own parts which was enough to make my momma heart break into pieces.

The last Sunday in October was super warm – highs in the high 70s. Cooper’s cub scout leader invited us to go to Mother Cabrini Shrine since one of the requirements involves visiting a religious site. Mother Cabrini has been on my to-do list for years and it was nice to finally get there. It was a peaceful and spiritual experience and nice to introduce the kids to another faith.

I teach a few 6am classes. Lately I go to work in the dark, but have witnessed some gorgeous sunrises on the way home.

The kids had their Halloween celebrations at school yesterday.

I helped in Cooper’s class party. (Volunteer support seems to wane as the kids get older.)

The kids chose their costumes first this year and then Noel and I piggybacked off of them. I found Cooper’s Darth Vader costume at a consignment store, Ellen’s Rey costume on Amazon, and I made  Noel’s Han Solo vest and holster and my Leia top. It was the first year multiple generations were able to get our costumes.

Halloween night was a little rough. It was chilly so the kids didn’t want to stay out trick-or-treating long, which was fine, but then they were super squirrely. (Side note: When Ellen is bugging Cooper, sometimes he says, “Ellen is squirreling me” which sounds terrible and is also hilarious.) During a scuffle Cooper’s head bumped into Ellen’s jaw and she lost a tooth. Bloodiness and crying ensued. Bedtime followed shortly thereafter.

We also had our Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) altar. Putting it up and talking with the kids about these special people is one of my favorite things about this time of year.


That’s a wrap for October.

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  1. What a fun October!!
    My sister married a man who was born in Mexico and their wedding was the funnest ever! I love being a part of other cultures!
    I love your Day Of The Dead alter. I think we will have to do one next year!!

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