February 2019

February 2019

One of the things I like about blogging at this stage of my life is the reflection. Our life is pretty fast paced and one day often blends into the next, so it’s really beneficial to me to look back and really appreciate how much we’ve accomplished, grown, lived up life, and even struggled. It’s probably not as meaningful for you dear reader, but if you’re here hopefully you can find some sort of enjoyment out of my February recap.

February started off with a field trip for Ellen. The field trip was to our local library where the kids learned about the dewey decimal system, I’m not even kidding. The presentation was a little over the kids’ heads, but they enjoyed playing at the park beforehand and browsing the library.

The next day, was Groundhog Day. I’m going to be honest, life was kind of busy and I almost forgot about Groundhog Day. The morning started with a run where we saw a herd of elk and got a little muddy.

The groundhog had predicted an early spring and we got all caught up in the hope of it and decided to ride bikes to the park.

The kids had a lot of fun and it was only a bit chilly. Then we returned to our house, which strangely was the only house with a Groundhog Day flag.

That night, we had celebratory fondue.

The next Monday, we went bowling for our family night. We had tried to go bowling twice this year already and both times we were turned away because there weren’t any lanes. (Once it was league night at all three of the bowling alleys in our area.) Each time we got turned away the kids would cry which was super fun. On our third try, we were very strategic about it. Noel came home from work early so we could arrive at the bowling alley shortly after they opened at 5. Turns out, third time really was the charm.

The kids really got into it and we ended up playing two rounds. It was nice to finally make that happen.

Later that week, it snowed so much so quickly that my evening exercise class got cancelled. The next day, the kids’ school was cancelled.

I wish I could say we did something fun, but the temperature didn’t get out of the teens that day so we just huddled inside. It was no polar vortex, but it was miserable enough.

Danielle, Noel’s sister, was in Colorado for work, so Friday we took the kids out of school and met up with her to cash in our Christmas present ski trip. We went to a small resort called Ski Cooper.

It was a long, somewhat exhausting day. Teaching the kids to ski was not an easy feat. Cooper was very determined and worked hard until he could make it down EZ street by himself. Ellen told us she knew what she was doing, pointed her skis straight down the mountain, and screamed as she sped down the hill, throwing herself into the snow to stop at the bottom. She was kind of freaked out after that. It took some one on one time with Aunt Danielle for her to figure out what to do.

We somehow didn’t take a group picture which is unfortunate because we have Danielle to thank for this experience, but not a lot of proof that she was there.

On Monday, Ellen’s class had a crazy hair day. Her new teacher has a jar they fill with gems for good behavior, when it fills they get to choose something fun to do.

Noel went out of town for a short work trip. He was eating things like this:

Meanwhile, we were having dinners like this (complete with simultaneous homework craft):

The hardest thing for me when Noel is gone is just being lonely and the second hardest thing is having a desire to make food for people that don’t appreciate it.

Noel was back home in time for Valentine’s Day. We made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast (Ellen added M&Ms to hers). I was able to go to Cooper’s Valentine’s party at school and then that evening we had a fancy dinner as a family.

That weekend, my parents came to visit. Noel and I ran 15 miles with Noel’s co-worker that’s also doing the Dirty 30 while my parents hung out with the kids. Then, Ellen had a fairy birthday party to attend.

It snowed again, that weekend so we mostly hung out until it stopped on Monday. We bundled up and went sledding before my parents headed back home.

We skated through the next week and came to another weekend where it snowed, again!

All of the snow is great for plants, snow pack, etc, but has been really miserable for training.

We couldn’t stomach another treadmill run, so we donned our yak tracks.

After showering and pulling ourselves together, we headed to our neighbor’s birthday party at Jumpstreet. The kids had a lot of fun.

The rest of the day was devoted to Pinewood Derby car prep. Cooper has been looking forward to this since he started Cub Scouts.

The derby was the next Tuesday. Cooper called his car “Blue Lightning.” It won the award “Best use of weights.”

His car made it to the top 8 which was pretty good. (Noel wanted him to do well, but not win because then we’d have to go to the regionals, ha, ha.)

It was a magical night for the boy and he had a lot of fun.

We capped off February with an miserable 16 mile run. We knew it was going to snow over the weekend, for the millionth time, so Noel took a 1/2 day off work to squeeze in a run while the kids were at school. We’d planned well to miss snow, but what we hadn’t planned for was mud.

There was so much miserable, sticky mud which made everything so much harder. The mud also made it so several trails were closed so we were reconfiguring our route mid run. Morale wasn’t great, but we squeaked through and did the whole thing.

At that point, we were very much ready to be done with February and move on to March and maybe, just maybe spring . . . ? (Spoiler alert, two weeks in there’s been no sign of spring, just more snow.)

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  1. I thought of you on Ground Hog Day! And Ellen’s ski confidence made me laugh (I’m glad she didn’t have a major crash or anything). Good job on your training, you guys are amazing! I hope spring finds you soon 🙂

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