March 2019

March 2019

March started with a clog in the kitchen sink drain pipes. We snaked the drain and it was still clogged. We snaked it again and tried our best to be really thorough. Then, we decided to say a prayer that the snaking worked. I’m thinking we need to do this with all future plumbing projects (which are always heinous) because when we put everything back together the water flowed freely.

That night it snowed enough for church to be cancelled the next day. We took this selfie of all of us snuggling in bed that morning.

We were all feeling a bit stir-crazy. Making hot buttered pretzels with cheese sauce helped us feel a little more hygge about things. The next morning, when I went to teach my 6am class, the car thermometer said it was 4.°

Later that week, Ellen’s class had a Writing Celebration. Ellen read us her book “Things to Do in the Summer.” I think we’re all a little tired of winter. She made summer sound amazing.

The next day was Ellen’s birthday. We tried to make the day special, but honestly it was a really crazy day. We let her open presents before school so she could wear her new shoes and the birthstone necklace she’d asked for.

After we dropped the kids at school, Noel and I ran 12 miles. Then I went to a district Garden Summit. (I’m in charge of the garden at the kids’ school.) It was actually a pretty productive meeting, but by the time it was done I needed to rush off to pick the kids up from school. Then Cooper had piano.

Luckily, Ellen had requested Cafe Rio for dinner so we didn’t have to do any prep. Back at home, I frosted Ellen’s cake (which I had the foresight to bake the day before) and we sang happy birthday.

The next morning, I hit the ground running, starting by teaching a sweat-drenching 6am kickboxing class. I rushed home to get the kids ready for school and we all managed to arrive on time which was good because I, and a few deeply appreciated parent volunteers, weremhelping the two first grade classes plant seedlings. It was a little chaotic and quite messy.

After we were done, the kids and most of the parents headed off on a field trip to the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum. I stayed at the school for close to an hour after that vacuuming and putting things away. (No hard feelings other parents . . . ) I joked with Noel that my volunteer janitor hours is just another reason why I don’t feel bad for not contributing much monetarily to the school.

I headed home to spend the rest of the afternoon preparing for Ellen’s birthday party friends. that included: putting the finishing touches on a mermaid piñata, picking up a bunch of take and bake pizzas, cleaning the house, and making cupcakes.

Somewhere in there, I picked Ellen up from school. (Cooper had a play date with his best friend.) At 5pm thirteen girls arrived at our house.

They danced their hearts out, ate pizza, had a little bit of drama, smashed the piñata, and ate mermaid cupcakes. It was a little exhausting for the adults, but Ellen LOVED it.

The next morning (after running 5 miles on treadmills due to high winds), Noel and I had a training for our church’s summer youth trek. We both have mixed feelings about it (are the pioneer clothes really necessary?), but hopefully it will be a good experience. Honestly, I knew long before we were asked to go that we would end up going. We visited Martin’s Cove at the end of our Yellowstone/Tetons trip and while we were there I just had the feeling that Noel and I were going to be asked to go. So we’re going because of faith and covenants and such, but it didn’t stop Noel from making this meme to express his true feelings.

That night, Noel and had a date to celebrate our anniversary. I only had to contact just about every babysitting aged girl from church, but we made it happen! (Luckily, I used to teach the 14-18 year-old Sunday school class, so I know them all.) Noel was in charge of planning our anniversary date and he did a great job.

We took the train into Denver where we went to a restaurant called Blue Agave. The food was absolutely amazing. Then, we went to the ballet. It was an event called Tour de Force and brought three ballet companies together to feature diversity and the athleticism of dance. It had a modern dance flare and was really enjoyable. It was so nice to get dressed up and do something together that wasn’t running.

The next day was our actual anniversary and the dreaded Daylight Savings. We both had meetings at church, plus our regular church schedule. We knew the deck was stacked against us on our anniversary, which is why we’d planned such a great pre-celebration the night before. That’s just real life for you.

Noel gave me this card which I though was perfect. I’m so grateful he’s mine for eternity. Our relationship isn’t perfect, but we have such a deep love, mutual respect, are best friends, and also make excellent business partners.

Between Daylight Savings and partying hard for days, we all felt like Ellen come Monday morning. We muddled through Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday evening I trained a client. During the hour I worked with her, I received six emails from various entities cancelling things (school, appointments, etc) the next day due to weather. Everyone was freaking out and nothing had even happened yet.

The next morning, I went for a run and it was just raining. I went to work and taught a class and then trained a client. In the two hours I was at the Rec Center the snow started to come down and the winds picked up. The Rec Center had even announced they would be closing at noon. (We sometimes cancel classes due to weather, but the gym itself almost never closes.)

I headed straight home. My timing was practically perfect. By the time I pulled into the garage, things were starting to get a bit dicey with blizzard conditions. The power flickered a couple of times, but thankfully stayed on. Other people weren’t as lucky.

We stayed indoors baking, playing games, and doing experiments.

School was cancelled again the next day, not because there was a ton of snow, but because several schools in the district didn’t have power.

It was also pi(e) day. I made a black-bottomed oatmeal pie because two of my favorite food bloggers recommended it. It was fine, but not I want to have a second piece good. The next day was a teacher prep day so the kids didn’t have school, again. We got out of the house finally and hit up the library, Rec Center pool, and Costco.

The next day, Noel and I had another long run. We’ve been trying to do our long runs on school days, but weren’t able to make it happen that week, so we hired a babysitter to watch the kids. We ran 19 miles. The run included a stop to buy sunscreen, get cash to pay the babysitter, and a stop at mile 15 to buy pastries.

It was definitely an unconventional date. We took it easy the rest of the day and took the kids to see the Lego Movie 2 which made the boy really happy.

On Sunday, I made a lime meringue pie to make up for the disappointing one I made on pi(e) day.

The next week, I took Ellen shopping. She’s outgrowing a bunch of her clothes and is so opinionated about what she wears so I didn’t even bother trying to get her anything for her birthday. She saw these matching jackets at Target and said she wanted to be twinsies. This adorable request was to much for me and I caved. (I’m really hoping she’s just sweet and not manipulating me to get things she wants, ha, ha.) It was another busy week full of mostly un-notable things.

Friday, Noel took the day off work so we could go on another really long run. Our runs are getting ridiculous at this point. The mountains are still too snowy so we’re piecing together trails down in the Foothills, but even that doesn’t always work out. We planned a run where we ran up and over the mesa by our house, then up Lookout Mountain. The trail was good until about a mile from the top of the mountain, then we hit snow. It was so icy we decided we didn’t want to run down it and ran down the never-ending 6 miles of switchbacks. (This road is a local giant tackled by cyclists, runners, and the occasional longboarder.) Taking the road also bumped our mileage from 20 to 21 miles. It was both a big deal and not a big deal. When you get to a certain point in a long run you are both equally sure you could continue on forever and that you might die if you keep going. It’s a weird feeling. We’re hoping our race falls below the amount of mileage where you begin to hallucinate. After finishing, we stretched for a long time to remind our muscles they could move in other ways, showered, and got a high calorie lunch. Then we picked up the kids from school and began our spring break! More on that in the next post.

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