June 2019

June 2019

Well, I suppose it’s about time I write about our summer. Life has been FULL of big and little adventures and blogging just hasn’t been a huge priority. But, I do like having this little log to look back on and my grandmother did say she was worried we were still alive the last time I talked to her, ha, ha. So, let’s blast back to June and do a quick recap.

The first of June, we did our infamous Ultramarthon. I did manage to do a nice long post about that if you missed it. After that, we tried to have a normal summer. June was our slowest month of the summer, full of lots of working, swim lessons, and such, but we also squeezed in a few adventures.

Kids using teamwork to carry library books to the car.
Kids helping trim the tulips. I put the kids to work a lot both at home and at the school garden over the summer.
Toy Story chalk art. We of course saw Toy Story 4 soon after it came out.

At church, I’m serving in the Primary (Children’s Sunday school) right now as the secretary. One of the counselors invited the presidency over for crepes. I somehow didn’t get the message that it wasn’t a family thing and brought my family, oops. But, Becky was quick to put her husband and son to work entertaining the kids and Noel.

Switching to two hour church has been amazing. We’ve been doing an alright job of our at home lessons. Some of them have even been above average. Ellen planned this lesson where we wrote things we liked about each other on hearts.

Cooper went to Cub Scout Day camp in June. He was so excited. They launched bottle rockets, did archery, shot BB guns, saw reptiles, and spent day two at a lake. Cooper said his favorite things was shooting the BB guns, but quickly added, “And it was SO safe mom.” (He knows I’m not a big gun fan.)

To celebrate the first day of summer we went camping with our friends the Lewises at Rocky Mountain National Park. It was not at all summery. It rained and in the morning we could see snow just above us on the mountain. We still had fun though and went on a little hike to see some roaring waterfalls.

The next weekend, we checked out passes from the library to go to the Museum of Nature and Science. They had a fun exhibit on the five senses.

This room focused on the sense sight. That is just a painted wall.

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