November 2019

November 2019

The first weekend of November, we went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They had two exhibits we though the kids would really like: Extreme Sports and the Science of Pixar

We got there as soon as they opened and headed straight to the ninja course in the Extreme Sports Exhibit. (This was on advice from one of my clients who volunteers a the museum.) For about 20 minutes, we had the course all to ourselves. The kids just did it over and over again. Ellen especially liked it and was the most skilled family member.

We saw a few other things and then it was time for us to check out the Pixar exhibit. This was what Cooper was most excited about.

The next week was busy, but pretty typical. A highlight for me was winterizing the school garden because that meant I get a break for a couple of months! The next day, I went to a baby shower for Noel’s cousin. Right now, Noel has two cousins that live in Colorado and their mom also came out for the shower. It’s always nice to see those ladies, they feel like my cousins and aunt.

The next week we didn’t take any pictures during the week other than a picture of some of my clients stretching. That Friday night, we went and did some cleaning at our church. The actual cleanup was taking place Saturday morning, but it’s hard for us to swing that so we went the night before and cleaned all the bathrooms. As a reward, we made personal pizzas and had a movie night.

On Sunday, we took a few cute pictures on our Sunday afternoon hike/walk. These hikes are really restorative for us. We have some high energy people in our family so just sitting around all day is torture. It’s also a way for us to get away from the slew of neighbor kids knocking at our door and have some quality family time.

During the next school week, Noel did a presentation in Cooper’s class on renewable energy. He brought some really cool things from his work to keep the kids interest like a thermal camera and light bulbs powered by hand cranks.

That Saturday we were in full prep for Thanksgiving trying to get all the Christmas presents together for people we would see. Then we were at Costco for what seemed like 3,000 hours while we had snow tires put on our car. We consoled ourselves with a few macarons.

As the forecast for Thanksgiving became clearer, we decided to bail on our plans to go to Utah, even with the snow tires. It was a sad decision to make, but even if we survived the drive it was going to be awful and stressful. Monday afternoon/evening it started to snow and continued all day Tuesday (the day had planned on going to Utah). We got 15″ of snow and some of the areas around us got even more. Everything shut down, even a few roads.

The next day was my birthday. We snowshoed through the neighborhood and around the mesa. I made a cake and we had a lovely celebratory dinner. (Sadly I had to miss out on the bakery cake we’d ordered in Utah. My family enjoyed it in my honor.)

The next day was Thanksgiving. Noel’s cousin, Jessie, kindly invited us to join them in Pueblo for Thanksgiving. The interstates were decently plowed by then so we were able to make it to Pueblo without incident. The day before Thanksgiving Ellen got a comb stuck in her hair and decided the best thing to do was to cut it out. This ended in a fabulous mullet. We were able to hide it with a headband on thanksgiving. The meal was delicious and the company was enjoyable. We spent the night at a Marriott and helped celebrate Jessie’s 40th birthday the next day before heading home to make Ellen’s hair appointment.

The next few days were filled with prep for Noel to get out of town and me to join him several days later, but we’ll talk about that fun in the next post.

Those are the highlights of November. I’ve saved you the lows, but do know that they were there, most of them not that exciting, but still there. I’ll wrap up with some things we were grateful for in November – snow tires, licensed plumbers, beauticians, carbs, weather forecasting, and of course family.

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