January 2020

January 2020

The most exciting thing we did in January was go on a trip to Costa Rica, but that will get its own post. Here’s what we did the rest of the month.

The kids were on break the first couple of days of January. When I wasn’t working, we tried to do fun things. We gave Ellen a beginner’s sewing book for Christmas and she was excited to make her first project which is a wall hanging organizer.

Cooper got a cool light saber for Christmas, but it got broken during a rough battle with a neighbor kid. I thought it was done for, but Noel put it back together with his expertise and a soldering iron.

Ellen had a play date with her friend, Molly, from church. These two are good for each other. They’re both high energy and have crazy imaginations. On their own, they’re a handful, but together they keep each other out of trouble.

We started laying floor in the basement at the beginning of January. I’ll do a whole post on that, plus before and after pics, but spoiler alert: things got much more complicated than anticipated.

Cooper tested for his yellow belt in January. He’s been doing taekwondo for a few months and really likes it. Noel did taekwondo as a kid, but this whole thing is new to me. We’re just glad we found out one of the Rec Centers in the area has a program since it’s cheaper and more low-key.

One of Noel’s scouts got his Eagle and asked Noel to give a little speech. Noel worked with him when he was 12-14 and then helped him with a few merit badges after he was no longer scout master. (I even helped him with his Fitness merit badge so I feel like I helped a little.) Being scoutmaster was a rough calling so it was nice to see something positive come out of it.

Our cat is kind of a punk (he’s a major reason why we’re replacing the flooring in the basement), but the kids love him. Noel caught this pic of Ellen and Charlie one night.

My bike hit 2000 miles in January. My riding isn’t as consistent in the winter (go figure), but I try to ride it as often as I can. I hit 2000 miles on a trip home from school with the kids.

Ellen went to a birthday party in January at a trampoline park. She and her bestie, Lena, had a blast. The rest of January was basement work, work work, and trip prep. Stay tuned for details on our trip to Costa Rica!

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