October 2020

October 2020

I am very behind so I’m going to do a quick catch-up of mostly pictures.

We finished the roof of the shed in October. It caused some serious grief right before our fall break trip. We had to do the roofing felt more than once because high winds kept tearing it up, but we got the darn thing done.

We voted in October. I also wrote some postcards for a non-partisan campaign put on my Mom’s Rising to encourage female registered voters to get out and vote. Colorado has done mail in ballots for a long time and it’s incredibly convenient. The only thing I don’t like about it is that we don’t get an “I voted” sticker. Small price to pay I suppose.

I wrapped up the school garden in October. We had two cleanup evenings limited to 10 people. I led one of them and the mom taking over from me next year (Huzzah!) led the other one. It was basically us and one other family. It was so, so good to see and talk to them. Our kids are offset in age, but we’ve known them since preschool. The mom is a doctor and we were very much on the same page about COVID precautions and how anxiety inducing all of this can be. We kept talking until after the sun had gone down. We also witnessed gigantic smoke plumes from one of the nearby fires that was raging.

The kids had a couple of play dates in October. Cooper hadn’t seen any of his friends in person since March and had a minor breakdown about it one day. I felt really bad and immediately reached out to the moms of his two best friends. We arranged for an outdoor play date at a park. I’m pretty sure the other two families had been having indoor play dates all along, but was glad they were willing to meet me where I felt comfortable. Cooper was so happy to see those boys. Ellen continued to play with Lena and with the neighbor girls while wearing masks. Towards the end of October, Cooper had one more play date with Ian at our neighborhood park where they launched stomp rockets.

We had this really fun trip to the mountains planned for October. Ellen’s tutor was going to be out of town and since we could work and do school from anywhere, we thought, “Why not an Airbnb with a hot tub and amazing views?” We were really looking forward to it, but the fires had other plans. Two days before our trip one of the wildfires burning in CO tripled over night. They were evacuating people from the are and our Airbnb was right across the street from the evacuation area. Airbnb offered us a full refund, but we were really sad to have to cancel. I felt kind of guilty for being so disappointed since people were losing big things like homes and all we lost was a relaxing weekend. I was experiencing a bit of parent guilt because the kids were so disappointed, so I let Ellen go to a wild animal sanctuary with Lena over the weekend. Then on Monday, we used some tickets to the Art of the Brick we’d been putting off using until “covid got better” to go to the Museum of Nature and Science. I’m kind of digging this whole limited entry thing. The museum was so quiet. Usually I find it to be a bit overwhelming. It’s one of the things I’ll miss about this time.

Before the pandemic hit, Cooper was taking Taekwondo lessons at a local Rec Center. During the pandemic the instructor has sent out a couple of emails with instructional videos for practice. He sent an email in October letting everyone know that lessons would not be resuming anytime soon due to COVID numbers rising and that this was very typical of what other studios were doing. The way he wrote it, I wondered if he was getting mean emails from parents demanding to know why lessons hadn’t resumed. I decided to write an email thanking him for being cautious and taking things seriously. He responded with gratitude and then asked if he could bring a gift over for Cooper which I thought was very kind.

I continued to work in October, mostly outside. I also did some Halloween themed workouts for my virtual fitness classes.

The kids’ school usually does a fun run fundraiser every fall. We have never participated because it’s always Sunday morning when we’re at church. This year however, everything was different. In-person students ran laps during their PE period and remote students did laps on their own. I set up a course for Ellen’s pod and then ran with Cooper.

Our church did a trunk or treat. Noel and I volunteered to chalk the parking lot so people knew where to park (every other spot) and what direction as well as how far about to stand to keep things safe. I also bought some butterfly nets and incorporated masks into the kids costumes for extra safety. The church trunk-or-treat actually went really well. Everyone wore masks and was getting really creative about how to pass out candy – people slid it down tubes, used grabber sticks and fishing poles, and some just tossed it. Ellen’s friend and her parents came along and I was really proud of how the church looked. It was way safer than the trick or treating that happened later in the neighborhood. A few of the mom’s on the block had asked everyone to set up no-contact candy tables so I had high hopes. The tables played out well, but no one was wearing masks and there was serious congregating happening in people’s yards. We had the pod over since they were already in our bubble, but didn’t really interact with anyone else. It was a fun evening, but even as it was happening I couldn’t help but think it would be our last hurrah for awhile.

And some random pictures from October:

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