December 2020

December 2020

Time slipped away again, here’s a quick December recap.

In December, our county and state were at the second highest level on our COVID dial. This meant the Rec Center was open at 10% capacity. For the leisure pool, that meant a maximum of four people. Going to the pool during the pandemic has mostly freaked me out, but when I discovered we could have a private pool party for less than $10 (rates are lower right now and I get in free) I was pretty psyched. The kids looked forward to this event all week.

Our Stake conference was virtual. Noel went to play the piano and took this picture. That was the second to last time any of us physically went to church. Shortly after that, our congregation welcomed EVERYONE back and we no longer felt comfortable attending in-person. We now watch via Zoom every Sunday. I’m not going to lie, it was really hard for us to swallow the decision of our local church leaders to resume church at full capacity while our community COVID numbers were so high. I’ll save all of those thoughts, but have calmed down considerably about the decision. (In that, I’m not planning on leaving the church over it, but haven’t calmed down about feeling safe – ha, ha.)

For Noel’s birthday, the kids and I tried to create a tropical oasis in the basement. (Yes, this was a bit of a copy of what Noel did for my birthday.) We also went on a winter hike in our very not tropical reality.

Cooper had a virtual holiday party with his class. Ellen had me.

Christmas felt low-key in mostly a good way, but in another way didn’t feel terribly festive. We enjoyed not attending a million parties and events, but still struggled a bit to get into the spirit of Christmas. (This is not altogether unusual for us. Sometimes I wonder if we’d like Christmas a lot more if it was in the summer.) The kids thought everything was just great.

In between Christmas and New Years, we went snowshoeing and also rented some cross-country skis to go skiing. It was mostly a fun time. The kids are always resistant to go, but then end up enjoying themselves. Afterwards they aren’t super quick to admit it, but Noel and I know it was worth it.

Other random stuff between Christmas and New Years.

For a hot minute, my parents were going to visit for New Years, but my mom had to take some family members to some appointments and was considerate enough to not potentially expose us to that. Teachers were being prioritized in Utah with vaccines, so we decided to just wait until they’d had their vaccines. We did play some games with them over the computer. We watched Soul, made creme brulee, and let the kids stay up till midnight for the first time ever.

I’m sure like many of you, we were very glad to say goodbye to 2020. Also, we were very tired.

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