January 2021

January 2021

The first half of January was full of frustrating and scary politics with the storming of the capitol, but there were a lot of small good things in our personal lives.

We’d been entertaining a master bathroom remodel, but decided we’d rather have kayaks instead. We are already dreaming up ideas for where we want to take these folding kayaks when the weather warms up.

While we wait for spring, we’re still trying to get out and get fresh air and sunshine as often as possible. I also took a TRX class for some CEUs and am enjoying mixing that into our workout routine.

On Mr. Luther King Jr Day, we read books and ate pecan pie. I read Dr. King’s Letter from Burningham Jail and think it should be required reading for all white Christians. There’s still much to be learned from his words today.

Inauguration day finally rolled around. It was a happy day at our house. I heard the swearing in as I drove to work and literally got misty-eyed. It’s so exciting to have a female VP and it’s so exciting to have Trump no longer be the president. The news is boring again and I love it. I know not everyone was happy, but I truly think character matters and I’m glad we have better character in the white house right now.

At the end of January, we rented an AirBnb in Estes Park. We hiked in the beautiful snowy mountains and relaxed in the cabin’s hot tub. It was truly a lovely weekend. Also, now I want a hot tub. 😉

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