February 2021

February 2021

Sometimes I wonder why I keep this blog up and have often thought about just stopping, but there is something that compels me to keep it up, even if no one reads it. As I am writing today, I am reminded that when I do these recaps I feel increased gratitude and perspective as I look back on what we’ve done, survived, and enjoyed. That exercise alone is worth it for me, at least for today.

February is typically my least favorite month, yes even with Groundhog Day in there. By February I’m usually sick of winter and cold which is unfortunate since February is when both of those things are usually at their peak. February was still February, but there were some really good and exciting things that happened.

The first exciting thing in February was Groundhog Day. Cooper surprised us with a special groundhog day breakfast while Noel and I were out for a run. We also had breakfast for dinner that night in the form of Groundhog pancakes.

Valentine’s/Presidents’ Day Weekend we were hit by a cold front. (Remember that polar vortex that brought Austin to a standstill? Same one here, we’re just more prepared for that type of weather.) That same weekend, my parents visited!!! They had just received their second vaccine and were dying to see their grandkids. I literally got teary when they arrived. It’s been such a weird, lonely year.

It didn’t get above freezing the whole time they were here and it was in single digits most of the time, but our hearts were warm. Out of an abundance of caution (I know we’re all sick of hearing that) we still wore masks and kept our distance when the masks were off. The visit was good for grandkid and grandparent souls.

It was also good for the parents souls. Noel and I spent a night in a Marriott and just enjoyed being away. After a solid year of very little alone time, it was glorious.

After our 13 hour vacation, we went for a wintery hike. It was in the high 20s, but felt so lovely because of how cold it had been. So glad Utah prioritized teachers in their vaccine plan so we could see my parents.

Other fun events included going to the car wash. This surprisingly was a real hit with the kids. I called this the pandemic matinee.

We had a decent snowstorm in February and decided to do some back country sledding on the mesa near our house. It was a little crazy (steep hills, bushes, etc), but also fun. Screaming and squealing is a great way to blow off steam.

The snowstorm also made it possible for us to finally snowshoe! We’d tried going snowshoeing a few times, but there was never enough snow so it always ended up being a winter hike. That’s a wrap for February – cold and snowy, but not the worst February ever.

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  1. I always enjoy reading your blog entries! I use Instagram because it’s easier, but I often miss blogging for the journaling aspect.

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