March 2021

March 2021

March was a good, but busy month. Even in a pandemic it’s still March madness.

The first big event in March was Ellen’s birthday. It also coincided with a visit from Danielle.

Our snowshoes came with free passes to a Nordic Center, so we used them while Danielle was visiting. The kids found cross-country skiing to be much easier with the groomed trails.

The next day, we went to this really cool dessert shop called The Inventing Room with one of Ellen’s besties. Nothing better than glow in the dark cotton candy and nitrogen ice cream.

We celebrated Ellen’s real birthday with waffles. (She slathered hers in Nutella and sprinkles.) It was a beautiful day so she was able to take her bike for a spin. She’s a feisty little thing and we’re lucky to have her. (Cake details on the food blog.)

The next celebration, was our anniversary. 14 years! I think we were both feeling a bit bummed because this was the 2nd anniversary COVID had hijacked. I had some fun ideas for outdoor dates, but the weather just wasn’t quite nice enough. So, a basement takeout dinner and a to-die-for skillet cookie it was. The skillet cookie almost made everything okay. Not the greatest anniversary, but the fact that we still choose each other after being cellmates for a year says something.

A big snow storm (it was our fourth largest on record) hit the next week. We shoveled so much snow. The kids had a blast.

There was so much snow, we were able to snowshoe on the mesa the next day. It warmed up pretty quickly after the big storm so it melted quickly making everything a huge, slushy mess for days.

Noel’s work does a story time every week. They were reading a Temple Grandin book one week which was one of the women we were learning about with her curriculum, so Noel planned to have her join. Well, Temple Grandin was actually on the Zoom call. Noel pulled Cooper out of his remote class so he could meet her and she even gave him some advice as a kid on the spectrum. I was at work and lived vicariously through Noel’s text messages, but what a cool experience for the kids.

By the end of the week, the weather was good enough for us to take our kayaks out for their first paddle! It was a little windy, which meant an intense upper body workout, but so fun to do something that wasn’t a snow sport.

A little highlight on Ellen: She is just as creative as ever. My dad bought her the book Itty-Bitty-Kitty-Corn from a local bookshop and it came with tickets to a virtual book launch with the author and illustrator. Ellen loved learning how to draw the kitty-corn.

My work began offering a few in-person classes (lower impact ones like yoga and silver sneakers) at a limited capacity. I’ve appreciated how cautious they’ve been through this process. I was still super nervous about it though and was pretty keyed up leading up to the class. I’ve come to terms over the pandemic with the fact that I’m an anxious person, but the pandemic has made it really difficult to know when the anxiety is out of control and when it’s warranted. The class ended up being really good for me. Everyone there was vaccinated (except for me) and the Silver Sneakers crowd was so, so happy to be there even in masks.

Noel and I both became eligible to get vaccinated in the second to last group in Colorado. Because the rules keep loosening up and I do work face to face at one of the places listed as “high risk” I was very motivated to get one. Thanks to Noel’s diligent checking, we were able to get appointments within the week. We were part of a mass vaccination clinic that had a schedule glitch and was understaffed. We had to wait 1.5 hours in a long car line, but it was absolutely worth it. My anxiety level can come down a notch. We were really banking on having minimal effects from the first dose because within the hour, we were on the road headed towards the desert for a spring break backpacking trip.

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