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Groundhog Day 2017

Most of you know that Groundhog Day is inarguably my favorite holiday. (You can read about the origins of that love here.)  This year though, I was not feeling like celebrating. Matters nationally (almost every cabinet pick and every executive order has upset me on some level), locally (there was a proposal on the ballot in November to raise money for schools that didn’t pass and the school district is looking at closing schools as early as next school year), and…

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Best Groundhog Day Yet

It’s pretty much universal knowledge at this point that I love Groundhog Day. (For the history, read this post.) But even beloved holidays can grow a bit lackluster and I’d say the last few years have been just that.* This year my enthusiasm was back. It was my turn to teach Joy School and I’d planned an awesome, yet age appropriate, lesson about Groundhog Day history with fun books, art, and shadow activities. I was pretty psyched. Then Groundhog Day…

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Happy Groundhog Day!

When I was a junior in high school I found myself in a haphazardly thrown together group for a girl’s choice dance. Other than Emily, my best girlfriend, and her date, I barely knew any of the other group members — including my date. It was just one of those weird circumstances that was destined to be an awkwardly long evening that would be followed by weeks of avoiding one another. Such is high school. The only saving grace was…

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Happy Groundhog’s Day

Once again the great holiday of Groundhog’s Day is upon us. A day when we all consider how nice it would be for spring to come and rescue us from the cold, inverted mess we tolerate through the dark wintry months. Our hopes are high only to be thwarted by a rodent. A rodent that if PETA has its way will be a robot. It’s a good thing they rarely get their way. So today we celebrate: A rodent meteorologist, Bill Murray’s…

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Belated Groundhogs Day

Happy Groundhog’s Day! It truly is one of those great, largely uncelebrated holidays. To give this day proper credence Audrey and I threw a G-hog day party. It was complete with a groundhog banner… Rice Krispy groundhog treats… Those were a big hit. (Doesn’t the fat one look terrified?) We also had a full-screen theatrical style showing of the 1993 cinematic classic Groundhog’s Day. I hope everyone had a great Groundhog’s Day and I know we will all enjoy the…

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Ground Hog Day Treat

January was a whirlwind. There was a lot going on and I’m still a little shocked that  it’s already February. I wasn’t able to give Ground Hog day as much attention as I would like, but I couldn’t let it pass without making a traditional treat. We tried a new Rice Krispie Treat recipe this year that made the day still seem a little special amidst all the chaos. We made Pioneer Woman’s Nutella Krispie Treats and they did not disappoint….

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On the Twelfth Day of December

I get excited about weird things (Groundhog Day, cloth diapering, bread, etc), so it shouldn’t really come as any surprise that I’ve been dying to celebrate Noel’s 12/12/12 birthday for almost a year. When one has a birthday on such a cool day, one must celebrate in style. So I plotted, planned, and managed to keep secrets (no small feat for me).  I wanted the day to start off right from the very beginning, so at midnight (12 am) Noel started…

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February 2021

Sometimes I wonder why I keep this blog up and have often thought about just stopping, but there is something that compels me to keep it up, even if no one reads it. As I am writing today, I am reminded that when I do these recaps I feel increased gratitude and perspective as I look back on what we’ve done, survived, and enjoyed. That exercise alone is worth it for me, at least for today.