Audrey and Noel

Audrey and Noel are a semi-young LDS couple living in the Denver, CO area. They met while going to school at Utah State University and now have two young children. They enjoy running, backpacking, bed time, and cooking exquisitely delicious foods.  They do not enjoy doing dishes though, so if anyone would like to trade dish duty for a free meal please let us know.

Noel is the quintessential perfect man: tall, dark, and handsome. He graduated with an M.S. in mechanical engineering and currently works in the renewable energy industry.

Audrey is the short and spunky one. She earned her B.A. in English Education with a minor in PE. Currently she holds the non-profit position of Chief Operating Officer of Merket, Inc.

cooper car

When Cooper joined the team, the Wild Rumpus officially began. He has ASD, loves cars and trains, is a puzzle master, and has the sweetest personality.  ellenLater, Ellen crashed the party and made life just that much more exciting. She thrives on mischief, loves all animals, and has a contagious laugh. 

This site is a place for us to talk about the things we love: our kids, food, the great outdoors, our growing hippie tendencies, and occasionally nerdy things like insulation. Thanks for dropping by and don’t be shy about commenting.