The Petition

The Petition

I have an idea.

The town of McGrath is in a precarious situation right now. It is about to become an island. Yes, an island. Currently it is surrounded by a river that loops around on three sides of the town. (Here’s an aerial picture.) The river has been pretty stationary for a long time. However it is a meandering river and it’s on the move now. It’s estimated that the river will cut the town in half in about 10 years.

Solution: move the town. What? Move the town? Well, yes it’s been done before and it’s being planned to be done again. Apparently back in the day McGrath used to be across the river. They moved it because it got too swampy there. Now it’s time to move the town again. From what I hear it’s already in progress to start moving the city up out of the way of the river.

Here’s my thought. If we’re already moving the town, why not just move it somewhere that makes sense…like near a road. Sure it would cost more to move it a couple hundred miles compared to one or two initially, but it would soon pay for itself in a lower cost of living. If we got creative we could even get corporate sponsorships or something–maybe Atlas Van Lines or UPS. They’re into moving stuff, right? Imagine the publicity. This has got to be a world record. People just don’t relocate towns everyday. McGrath could start a tourist industry based on it. “Come visit McGrath…before we go somewhere else.”

So, if any of y’all are in favor of this idea leave a comment letting me know so.

Whoa, I’m really losing it.

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