Natural Bridges and Edge of Cedars

Natural Bridges and Edge of Cedars

Last Sunday the three amigos decided to go check out some of the sites around Blanding and we found Edge of the Cedars, a little Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) homestead to go check out. So, after emerging from the Kiva and seeing the world as if it were all new we had a much better outlook on life.

Kiva Time

Then this Thursday Danielle and I decided to go out to Natural Bridges National Monument. We did this roughly ten mile hike around the canyon that goes to all the bridges. We couldn’t figure out why they told us it would take six hours. Apparently it was because most of the “trail” was either washed out, overgrown, or just plain not marked. Although there were times that we thought we wouldn’t make it since the journey was quite perilous, it all ended up well when we finally ended up at Sipapu bridge. However, just as we were heading out of the canyon we ran into a hazardous reptile that gave us all quite a scare. Nevertheless disaster was avoided and we made it back to the car safely and happily after being lost in the wilderness.


Check out all the pictures from the trip here.

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