Homecoming Dance

Homecoming Dance

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not the best at updating this thing in a timely manner. Anyway, here’s a picture of my girlfriend Audrey and me on our way out the door to the Homecoming dance here at USU. We had a great time dancing the night away in spite of the fact that I have no dancing skills. As can be witnessed by the generally goofy grin/expression on my face I’m happy to be there with someone so way out of my league.


Speaking of Audrey, she showed me this very funny article the other day by a well-known philosopher, (no, not Socrates or Aristotle) Dave Barry, on the topic of relationships between men and women.

3 thoughts on “Homecoming Dance

  1. She’s a cutie and so are you! Hope you had fun. And you guys are equally blessed to have eachother. Love ya!

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