Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement

Here we have a service that nobody ever wanted. The Man has convinced us that we need this to protect our rights when indeed more rights are usurped than protected. The Man flourishes in this field of work because there is no avenue for redress. I understand that there is need for order and civility in where and when people can park their cars, especially in areas like college campuses. However, there is the same need for civility in the way parking is administered.

For example, the other day I picked up a friend of mine from getting a root canal at the dentist. It was a last minute thing, but I had a hard time letting her walk home after that. This friend happens to live in an apartment very close to campus. Because it took longer than anticipated, I parked in the lot of this apartment complex so I could make it to my next class in time. The people that manage the parking there have a documented policy on invited guests parking in the lot. I have read that policy in its entirety and complied by clearly marking whose car it was, who I was visiting, and the necessary contact information along with the date. The only reason I parked there was because I knew I was complying with the stated policy. In spite of my efforts to be a nice person and to comply with the policy my car was booted within twenty minutes of parking there with no warning. Upon conversing with the parking attendant, I was informed that indeed a novel could be written of all the stories of people who had been treated unjustly by Cache Booting Service and that I either could pay their extortion money or leave the car there indefinitely. The Man wins again.

I tend to agree with the booting guy on one thing. A novel could and should be written.

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