Top of Utah Marathon

Top of Utah Marathon

Well, we did it. We ran the Top of Utah Marathon. 26.2 miles. Yep, that’s right. It was a blast. It was also painful. We both ran better than expected.

Audrey Running

Noel Running

Audrey did really well, right at the end she had a burst of energy and left me in the dust finishing 6th in her division and qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Audrey’s Finish

I straggled in a minute later with a strong finish too.

Noel Finishing

However, Audrey was in a lot better condition after the race than I was…

Audrey picking up Noel

Noel, dead

5 thoughts on “Top of Utah Marathon

  1. Noel and Audrey, I can’t believe you both did so well. Audrey you did great at 6th place. Both of you really must have worked hard to do so well. I’m proud of you. Now take those skinny little bodies and eat something!!!

  2. You guys are so awesome! I love your pictures. Seeing them makes me miss you guys a lot. Hopefully we can see each other soon.

  3. Whoot hoo! Great job! The question at hand is… how can Audrey still look so dang cute after running a marathon? Honestly… I looked like hell (can I say that here?) after I ran a half. All I have to say is, Noel, you scored big on a pretty awesome wife. Congrats you two!!!!

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