1st Anniversary

1st Anniversary

Audrey and I spent our Spring Break wreaking havoc in our Nation’s Capitol . . . well as much as we could while still passing multiple daily security checks. We stayed in a lovely B&B in Virginia

Bed and Breakfast

and saw such cultural sights such as the Puffy Shirt from Seinfeld and Mr. Rogers Cardigan.

Puffy Shirt

While we were at it we also checked out some Smithsonians, some monuments . . .

Washington Monument

and had tea at the white house

White House

and visited the capitol (did you know that most congressmen don’t sit in on the house meetings, they just catch it on C-Span?)

At the Capitol

We got library cards at the Library of Congress and even managed to do some of our alleged research

at the Library of Congress

Library Card

Additionally, we visited the Washington DC temple and met a very friendly sister missionary who kindly dropped us off at the metro station so we didn’t have to get yelled at by another bus driver.

DC Temple

I still managed to get in some nerd time.

Professional Engineer

And Audrey continued to be a rebel (she’s not jogging, she’s running).

No Jogging

The most inspiring sight however was a squirrel who had truly fulfilled his pursuit of happiness.

Squirrel on the best day of his life

2 thoughts on “1st Anniversary

  1. So you guys are cute and all, but my favorite picture by far is of the squirrel. I only hope to be that happy one day.

  2. Now the squirrel has a jones. I’ll bet you have the squirrel stealin’ secrets from congress. One jar of jam, and there goes the country. You had better take care, its not nice to fool Mother Nature.

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