Walking on by

Walking on by

Audrey told me about this the other day. Apparently the Washington Post did an experiment last year where they took one of the best violinists in the world, Joshua Bell, and had him play impromptu at a metro station just to see what would happen. Out of the more than 1,000 people who walked by during the 45 minute long performance only a small handful even stopped for more than a few seconds on their way to work that morning. It kind of makes me wonder if I would’ve just walked on by oblivious, focused on my to-do list for the day, or taken the time to recognize beauty amidst the mundane.  Or, moreover, how much am I missing already without even realizing it?

You can find the full article here. It’s very good and the author apparently won a Pulitzer for it. They also have videos of the performance there too. This is probably one of those things that I am one of the last people in the world to hear about, but I thought it a very intriguing commentary on our overly busy society.

2 thoughts on “Walking on by

  1. I don’t think you’re the last to hear about it, because I just did haha. That is crazy but so true, we’re so caught up in our lives that we don’t notice the beauty all around.

  2. Hey Congrats on making it through the first year! It’s all down hill from here! Yes, we are enjoying the weather down here, but i’m well aware that by the time you are enjoying them there, we will have to banish ourselves indoors. The only difference is I will never have to dig myself out.

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