Adventures with Lacrosse

Adventures with Lacrosse

I have always loved school and learning, but recently I feel that some of my required classes have made me feel, well dumber. A couple of weeks ago I took a test and was asked the question:

What is the circumference of the crease of a lacrosse field?

For those who don't know this incredibly specific piece of info, the crease is the circle around the goal.

I thought the question was odd since all of the information we had been given in class only gave the radius of the lacrosse crease; however, I did take 9th grade Geometry . . . and there are circumference calculators online for those that don’t remember. Quick review:

Circumference = π × diameter
Circumference = π × diameter

Needless to say, my answer of 18pi got marked wrong. When I brought it up to the instructor he told me I was the first person in years to “answer the question that way” (AKA correctly), everyone else always just put the radius. While I did get my points for the question, I lost a little faith in average human intelligence.


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  1. I LOVE this story. Especially when you were saying how you are the first person to notice this!

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