Power’s Out

Power’s Out

I arrived at work this morning to find that a transformer had blew and the power was out. However, since some of the projects that go on at the company are very important (ie costs millions of $) everyone’s computers and experiments are hooked up to generators. The secretary made an announcement that the power might be on in the next couple of hours. Everyone remains diligently at their desks acting as if it were a normal Monday, sending emails, making phone calls, and holding meetings in semi-darkness.  Still, it could be worse. Noel can’t get into his building and several of the people that arrived at work earlier can’t get out, even after pulling the fire alarm . . . that can’t be good for business.


So, here I sit in the dark (my office doesn’t have any windows) holding my to-do list up to the soft glow of my computer screen, wondering if what I’m doing is really that important.  I am reminded of winter when it snows three feet overnight, but no one with authority seems to notice, and we still have to go to school the next day.  I miss the days when people would stop what they were doing because the weather was bad or technology decided not to work. I want to stop taking my responsibilities so seriously. With youthful exuberance I want to drop what I’m doing and glory in a good snow day, power outage day, I hate work day, whatever. I mean, is what any of us are  doing really that important?

4 thoughts on “Power’s Out

  1. You are so right on, Audrey. I’m sorry I’m still working today.

    By way of update at my work, when I went back over there, everyone was on the roof. The fire, police, and SDL security folks were there with a ladder. Ironically, they found out a few minutes later the door in the back was unlocked. Still unsafe in case of fire, but good to know at least.

  2. Update: The power is back on and everything is back to business-as-usual. For those of you concerned with my health and safety in the workplace, don’t worry I will be making a stink about it to the facilities people here.

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