My Last first Day of School

My Last first Day of School


Yesterday was my last first day of school here at USU. Finally. Although I would like to rant about how if I were in a “normal” program I would be starting the 2nd year of my Master’s, I will refrain.  Unlike my freshmen year, I didn’t have a new outfit, I didn’t walk to school with my roommates, and I didn’t locate all of my classes on a map the night before. Quite frankly as I walked around on campus I felt old. Maybe it’s because I’m one of the few remaining people here who studied at the Merrill library or because I know why the Quadside Cafe has its name. I know I’ll miss USU once I leave, but I’m starting to feel crotchety, so I think it’s about time for me to move on.

2 thoughts on “My Last first Day of School

  1. Ahhh! If it isn’t the ole Socrates’s, “The End is the Beginning, and the Beginning is the End”. Well,it is time to stop pseudo intellectualizing and get on with the business of having a life, however exciting or mundane it is. I think you will have enough to keep you busy. I know there is plenty of space in Alaska to carry on the new beginnings, if you can bear it. I am just dreaming. Have a good year.

  2. I was starting to feel that way my last year of school. It was like you were at a party that was so fun and bumpin, and then people started going home, and you hang around a little later. Then all of a sudden there are just a couple of you sitting on a poorly lit sofa surrounded by red plastic cups. You realize, you need to leave or else you will be a loser and end up gathering garbage.

    I secretly miss school btw. And congrats on being almost done!

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