Some Firsts

Some Firsts

There has been an uncanny number of first time occurrences happening lately. On Saturday Noel ran the annual 1st Dam run, for the first time. For the first time, he won a ribbon for his age division (which was quite large by the way). Also, for the first time in our married life, I sat on the sidelines and cheered Noel on. Reason why: We’re expecting our first child on June 1st. IMG_1552

9 thoughts on “Some Firsts

  1. It is my belief that there will be many firsts in your lives. Some good, some bad. What’s most important to me, (if that matters, and it really doesn’t that much), is the joy I see in your hearts with one another. Both of you work hard, and are consistently considerate of what is important and those around you. These are qualities that don’t go unnoticed. It is my wish, and the wish of most others, that the firsts that are good will continue to bless your lives. We love you. Thanks for the great example your are.

  2. So your secret’s out? I am super-excited for you! In some ways I wish we still lived in Logan so I could be closer to you, Brianna and others… Hope you’re still feeling pretty good too.

  3. Thanks everyone. We’re super excited as well. Also, it was just a fourth place on the run, which didn’t go well with the other “firsts” so it was omitted. But that’s pretty good for me.

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