Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences

Even though Noel is the engineer and I’m the English teacher, we don’t always fit the stereotypes for our majors. Although Noel’s academic life is definitely ruled by numbers and logic, my personal life seems more consumed with data than his.


I count down the number of days until I’m done with student teaching (6) and count up the number of weeks I’m pregnant (12 1/2). I watch the checkbook religiously and love creating budgets.  I look forward to Tuesdays when the mailman delivers grocery ads and spend a delightful thirty minutes comparing the week’s deals. I make lists for fun.


Noel on the other hand bakes bread as a hobby, can never find anything, and possesses a great deal more spontaneity than I do.  Perhaps we turn to the other in our free time as an escape . . . a way to keep our passion for what we do daily from being smothered. Still, Noel shovels the driveway in nice methodical strips while I get bored and weave up and down the driveway. Now that’s something to look forward to . . .

shoveling snow

4 thoughts on “Arts and Sciences

  1. The only thing that may remain the same is our differences. Diversity and consistency seem at times to be at war with one another, and yet without the ying and yang of life there is no balance. This may seem contrary to a popular theme, but we seem to change to fill in the need to balance our environment, and not our need to progress. It seem progression happens with or without provocation. So as to make some effort to connect Art with Science, I believe, they are the same and different at the same time. After reading what I wrote, I think I need to go to bed now.

  2. Hmm that is interesting. What is that song by Paula Abdule (sp?)…. “Opposites Attract”

    I love making lists like you, but the problem is I am usually not organized enough to accomplish the things on them :-/

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