Status Report

Status Report

Project Overview

Finish schooling, enjoy life, and prepare for family life.

Work Completed

12/12/09 – Audrey Graduated


12/12/09 – Noel turned 26


12/14/09 – Attended Better than Ezra/Bare Naked Ladies Christmas Concert

12/15/09 – Baby turned -5 months

Work Awaiting Completion

December – Christmas Festivities

January – Baby Ultra Sound

May – Noel’s Graduation

~ June 1st – Baby’s arrival


Audrey is getting bigger.


4 thoughts on “Status Report

  1. Audrey you look wonderful graduating and pregnant, Noel’s not so bad looking either! Now the snow, that scares me. Can’t wait to see you both

  2. Audrey, congratulations on graduation, are you enjoying the perma-school break? Good luck getting subbing gigs! Have strangers started to touch your belly yet? I always think that is creepy.

    Noel, congratulations on living another year. Good luck with the rest of finals.

  3. You’re beautiful! Congratulations! I’m sorry we weren’t there to celebrate with you. You have lots to look forward to this new year for sure. And… Be So Careful!

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