Training Report

Training Report

As was previously mentioned, Noel and I have both been training for large events. Now that both are complete, here’s the report:

Noel – Ogden Marathon

Noel focusing in on the finish line
  • Despite some hitches in his training (see below) Noel completed his 3rd marathon
  • He didn’t beat my time, but now he has run one more marathon than me which I think gives him a competitive edge

Audrey – Childbirth

  • Cooper’s arrival was 100% natural – no meds. We’d taken some childbirth classes on a method called Hypnobirthing and even though I wasn’t necessarily the perfect model (most of the women in the videos we watched looked like they were comatose), the nurses were all amazed at how calm I was (When I showed up at the hospital no one really believed I was in labor and the nurses were shocked when they discovered I was already at a 9).
  • I didn’t beat my marathon PR with the total time of my labor, but I did beat it with the amount of time I labored at the hospital (2 1/2 hours)
  • Even though Cooper was surprisingly early and just a little guy (weighing in at 6 lbs), they couldn’t find anything wrong with him (and it sure seems like they tried).

Right now, we’re just glad both events are over and are working on a full recovery.

The whole family taking it easy after Noel's run

4 thoughts on “Training Report

  1. What a laborous and wonderful ten days to remember. Now life begins as it does each and every day. Socrates famous saying ‘ The End is the Beginning’ has a special meaning for your future. What ever will be, will be, the future is not ours to see until it is the present. So today there is a new present, and it is the present. Have fun, life is but a glorious ride.

  2. I’m so happy for you Audrey! Sounds like your labor/delivery was extremely successful (and almost too easy)…he’s a doll. Looks just like Noel. Have fun being a mommy!

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