Moving again

Moving again

Today we loaded up the Honda and moved, again. Don’t worry, we put Cooper inside the car and not in the stroller on top. I’m glad those bike racks are finding good use.

We found a little house to rent and are happily reunited with our belongings. And someone’s small hairbrush. If anyone is missing a small hairbrush let us know. Anyway, here is the new place.

So along with that, we’ve had the fun excitement of changing all our forwarding addresses. Again. Setting up utilities is also one of those fun things about going to a new place. Unfortunately our internet and phone will not be connected until Monday the 19th. The conversation with Qwest went something like this:

So, until then we may be back in the technology void. Hopefully, it’s a temporary thing this time. In the mean time if anyone wants to get a hold of us, just call us.

2 thoughts on “Moving again

  1. I’m happy for you! Looks like a nice shady place and a mighty good climbing tree. Your new Love Grotto.

  2. Reminds me of our hour long conversation with Time Warner Cable…… (ps we are getting hooked up on Thursday.)

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