The Happy Camper

The Happy Camper

The days of summer are waning and we decided it was time to test Cooper and see if he really belongs in our family. We crammed gear into every spare inch of our little Honda and headed into the Rockies. (For a brief second we wished for a minivan, but quickly chased that unseemly thought away.) Cooper immediately began to display his love for the outdoors by giggling up a storm the second we set his stroller next to the fire pit. We hiked, ate dutch oven food, and got cozy in our backpacking tent. After two days of sleeping more than everyone else, not flinching when the wind whipped at the tent, and having the best hair, it was clear that Coop has what it takes to survive in the outdoors. We’ve decided to keep him.

4 thoughts on “The Happy Camper

  1. what a trooper! he’s definitely a keeper. After watching your adorable video of him laughing, I felt like I had a never-ending dream last night that I was holding/playing with this baby and loving every minute of it. Ah great… 😉

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